The Power of Community Service

For over five years, MSR Communications has partnered with The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, (SFCAPC), to help take a stand against child abuse and neglect by promoting healthier families through education and prevention. The MSR team actively donates our time and resources on a pro-bono basis to help raise awareness about the SFCAPC—its free programs and services—because we understand the profound impact it has on such critical issues that affect our entire community—no matter the economic strata.

Every spring, the Center holds its Blue Ribbon Luncheon, and this year’s took place last week at the Fairmont Hotel. With over 500 community members in attendance, patrons were treated to an interactive presentation by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block. Known for his coveted techniques that help parents and care takers successfully calm and support crying infants and toddlers, Karp showcased his fierce passion and expert knowledge about the well-being of children. In addition, Dr. Moses Grossman was honored for founding the Center and his influential role in improving the lives of children and families as well as inspiring generations of people to take action against child abuse.

Each year in San Francisco, over 6,000 cases of child abuse are reported. Such abuse not only endangers a child’s physical and emotional health, but also affects their development. That is why providing emotional, social and financial support for children and families is so important. MSR’s role is to ensure these issues are continually raised on behalf of the Center throughout the community and beyond. With awareness and education, each of us can help make a difference in the lives of others.

The MSR Team is extremely honored to represent an organization that is held in such high esteem and whose dedicated staff and tireless efforts play such a vital role in the city in which we live and work. We congratulate the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center for improving the lives of community members and hope you’ll help join us in the fight to continue this important dialogue.


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